The Choose Kindness Project – Parent Playbooks and Educator & Coach Toolkits

We are proud to share that our work with The Choose Kindness Project– an alliance of the nation’s leading nonprofit organizations that champion bullying prevention, intentional inclusion and youth mental wellness —has reached another exciting milestone. Through a united effort across our alliance, we’ve harnessed the best practices from all corners of the nation. The result? We proudly introduce the Parent Playbooks and Educator & Coach Toolkits, resources designed to equip caring adults like you with the tools to navigate the real-life challenges faced by young individuals today. 

Today, parents and other caring adults are struggling to support kids who face bullying and feelings of isolation amid a youth mental health crisis. The Parent Playbooks detail proactive steps caring adults can take with their kids to address bullying, while helping to build a culture of kindness, empathy and upstanding. The companion Educator and Coach Toolkit, contains educator-family communication tools, as well as a thoughtfully-curated selection of actionable resources.


We recognize that challenges like bullying and youth mental health can be daunting for both parents and coaches.  According to The Choose Kindness Project survey conducted by Ipsos, of the teens surveyed who say they have been bullied, 65% say bullying has had an impact on their mental health and confidence, while nearly one in three parents do not feel they have the resources to deal with bullying issues. At the same time, 82% of parents turn to the school as the first place to seek resources and help if their child is bullied or accused of bullying. These new resources, which offer tips and conversation guides, are aimed at helping caring adults work together in addressing these difficult issues. By teaming up with The Choose Kindness Project and working together across our alliance, we’ve created comprehensive anti-bullying guides that are here to support you. It’s not just about addressing the issues at hand; it’s about fostering a culture of kindness, respect, and empathy.


These guides are more than just resources. They’re your partners in creating an environment where young athletes can thrive both on and off the field. The Parent Playbooks are tailored to provide parents with actionable strategies to tackle bullying and promote mental well-being among their children. The three focus areas cover: 

  • How to Help A Child Being Bullied, 
  • How to Help a Child Stop Bullying Other Kids, and 
  • How to Support the Development of Kindness & Empathy in Our Youth

Coaches and educators, we’ve got you covered too! The Educator & Coach Toolkits offer practical advice and insights to help you navigate sensitive situations, foster inclusivity, and become powerful advocates for your students’ mental health. Featuring over 75 resources, they are organized into 5 collections:

  • Understanding Bullying, 
  • Preventing Bullying, 
  • Responding to Bullying, 
  • Mental Wellness, and 
  • Cyberbullying

Ready to make a difference? Access these valuable resources for free at and take the first step towards creating a world where kindness and positivity prevail. At Positive Coaching Alliance, we’re not just coaching for the game; we’re coaching for life. Let’s make kindness our winning strategy!

As proud partners of The Choose Kindness Alliance, we’re standing strong because we know that creating a kinder world requires collective effort. Let’s come together to shape a future where young athletes not only achieve greatness in their sports but also carry the values of kindness and respect with them, always.  Join us in this movement for a better world. Visit to access your free resources and learn more about how you can make a lasting impact.  


The Choose Kindness Project is an alliance of the nation’s leading nonprofit organizations that champion three major issue areas affecting children and teens: bullying prevention, intentional inclusion and youth mental wellness. Guided by the 20+ members of the alliance and supported by Entertainment Industry Foundation, The Choose Kindness Project is dedicated to inspiring a more inclusive world where all young people feel empowered to be themselves and feel safe to create the futures they imagine. To learn more visit


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