Women & Girls Initiative

Creating opportunities for girls in sports to eliminate gender inequity.

Our Mission

The Women & Girls Initiative​ seeks to eliminate gender inequity in youth sports with a particular focus on growing the numbers of girls of color playing youth sports and equalizing their experiences in sport in addition to growing the numbers of women coaches of color and coaches supporting girls. The Initiative further seeks to promote gender equity with respect to all kids, coaches, and stakeholders.

pillars of focus

Girls Recruitment and Support

Women Coach Recruitment and Support

Gender Equitable Representation

Gender Equity Thought Leadership

Education and Resources for Gender Equity

Policy and Advocacy 

Demand IX

Celebrating 50 years of title IX

PCA has partnered with the Title IX Anniversary Coalition, a group composed of the Billie Jean King Leadership Initiative, National Women’s Law Center, Women’s Sports Foundation, and other key youth and community leaders, to add our voice to the efforts of Demand IX, to increase the pace of change toward equity and fairness for all.

 At the heart of this campaign is the Demand IX pledge, something we hope you will all take the time to sign and share. By signing the pledge, you are demanding to fight until the full promise of Title IX is real. Your signature means that you value fairness and equity for everyone, that you will work to demand that our civil rights are protected and that you demand all students be protected under Title IX.
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