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Positive Coaching Alliance’s vision is a world where every young person, regardless of social or economic circumstance, benefits from a positive youth sports experience with a coach who inspires them to become the best version of themselves in the game and in life.

Your donation supports vital programs that empower youth coaches, athletes, and communities on and off the field.

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Since 1998, PCA has reached thousands of organizations around the country, and affected millions of youth athletes.


Youth reached by our programs and resources


Live group workshops for leaders, coaches, parents and athletes


Partnerships with schools and youth sports organizations

Tax Information

Your gift supports our national non-profit’s effort to create a positive youth sports experience focused on for character-education and developing our nation’s future leaders. Positive Coaching Alliance is a 501(c)3 Non-Profit Corporation organization. Tax ID number 77-0485946. Annual tax receipts are sent to donors within the current year via email or mail by January 31 each year.

Financial Information

Positive Coaching Alliance has engaged an Independent Accounting firm to conduct an audit to ensure that we employ best practices. To see previous year-end statements, please visit our Financial Information page.


Give an Unrestricted Gift

Unrestricted gifts from foundations and individuals like you help us push our mission forward by presenting live workshops, creating online courses and providing free tools and resources through to coaches, parents, athletes, leaders, and officials, who can help make sports a positive, character-building experience. Donate now!

Workshops/Partnerships for Underserved Communities

PCA’s mission is to provide all youth and high school athletes a positive, character-building youth sports experience. It is critical that we reach underserved communities, most of which cannot afford to bring PCA workshops to the coaches, parents, athletes and leaders in their schools and youth sports organizations.

Youth and high school sports in underserved communities can develop leaders who ultimately serve those communities, which goes a great way toward uplifting our society as a whole. We need your help to make that a reality. PCA relies on philanthropic support to bring our workshops and partnerships to underserved communities. For more information on gifts to meet the needs of underserved communities, contact PCA’s Jason Sacks.

Donate In-Kind Gifts

PCA relies on in-kind gifts of products and services. Much of our fundraising occurs through events, where gifts of transportation, lodging, dining, hospitality, venue space, production and talent are extremely helpful. Other areas where in-kind gifts can have great impact include shipping, printing, and professional services. Of course, your potential in-kind gift outside those categories is welcome, so please e-mail us with any ideas.

Employer Matching Gifts

Many employers match their employees’ charitable giving. If such a program exists at your company, please ask your employer to match your gift to Positive Coaching Alliance. Doubling the impact of your gift means at least twice the benefit PCA can deliver to youth.

Giving Stocks and Securities

If you wish to give to Positive Coaching Alliance in the form of stocks or other securities, please contact us for details on transactions and what your gift may mean to PCA and the youth we serve.

Planned Giving

If you wish to explore planned-giving opportunities with Positive Coaching Alliance, please contact us for details and what your gift may mean to PCA and the youth we serve.