PCA and Fit Kids Collaborate to Enhance Youth Sports Experience and Foster Healthier Communities

PCA and Fit Kids Collaborate to Enhance Youth Sports Experience and Foster Healthier Communities

Empowering Coaches, Enriching Lives: A Dynamic Partnership for Positive Youth Development

Oakland, CA (August, 31, 2023) – Positive Coaching Alliance (PCA), the leading sports organization dedicated to fostering positive, equitable, and accessible youth sports experiences, is proud to announce our newest Trusted Resource– Fit Kids, an organization on a mission to promote healthy and active lives for underserved children through structured physical activity programs.

The partnership between PCA and Fit Kids is an initiative aimed at creating a powerful synergy between two influential organizations, both dedicated to enriching the lives of young athletes and promoting holistic development. By combining their expertise, resources, and networks, PCA and Fit Kids will amplify their impact, benefiting coaches, after-school program leaders, parents, and most importantly, the youth participants.

PCA has a vision to build a world where every child can benefit from a positive youth sports experience, guided by inspiring coaches who nurture their growth in both the game and life. Fit Kids has been dedicated to providing children with the tools to lead active, healthy lifestyles, and laying the foundation for their lifelong well-being.

As a PCA Trusted Resource, Fit Kids will contribute invaluable resources to PCA’s DevZone resource center. These resources will encompass mindfulness exercises, stretching routines, physical exercises, and active movement games that coaches can utilize in their teams, promoting a more well-rounded approach to training and athlete development.

In return, PCA will provide content to Fit Kids’ newsletters and Coaches Corner portal, focusing on enhancing social-emotional learning spaces for coaches, parents, and leaders. This content will equip coaches with the necessary tools to create a nurturing and empowering environment, allowing young athletes to thrive not only in sports but also in life.

“We are excited to welcome Fit Kids as our newest Trusted Resource,” said Jason Sacks, President of PCA. “This partnership exemplifies our shared commitment to empowering coaches and providing young athletes in underserved communities with transformative experiences that transcend sports. Together, we are working towards fostering healthier communities and shaping the leaders of tomorrow.”

“Physical activity is an essential component of every child’s healthy development, and I am so proud that Fit Kids is able to provide that opportunity and help thousands of children around the country to be active. We are thrilled about our partnership with PCA which will enable us to share PCA’s incredible resources with the people teaching Fit Kids at their school or youth organization. Working together with other non-profit organizations, like PCA, that are focused on youth development helps us continue to make a positive impact on more and more young children.” – Ashley Hunter, Founder & Executive Director of Fit Kids.  

Both organizations are confident that this collaboration will pave the way for a brighter, more inclusive future for youth sports and will further their mission of creating a world where every child has the opportunity to thrive through sports.

For more information about Fit Kids and Positive Coaching Alliance, please visit fitkids.org and positivecoach.org.


Fit Kids was founded in 2011 by Bay Area resident Ashley Hunter, who recognized the disparities in physical activity opportunities and development between kids from low-income households and their higher-income neighbors. In response, Ashley, who currently serves on the Governor’s Advisory Council on Physical Fitness and Mental Well-Being, brought in a team of experts, and together they developed a curriculum that motivates at-risk children to get outside and stay active by engaging them in consistent, structured activities that build fitness and motor skills from the ground up. Starting with 3 schools in the Silicon Valley region, Fit Kids has expanded to bring a robust curriculum to impact more than 20,000 students attending 120 schools in 7 states.


PCA’s vision is to build a world where every child benefits from a positive youth sports experience with a coach who inspires them to become the best version of themselves in the game and in life. PCA trains coaches and partners with youth sports organizations, parents, sports leaders, and communities to make youth sports more positive, equitable, and accessible to all kids regardless of social or economic circumstances.

For more information, go to positivecoach.org