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Culture Starts with the Little Things at the North Bothell Little League


The Seattle Chapter has partnered with the North Bothell Little League (NBLL) to assist the youth sports organization in establishing and applying their values and mission. As part of their partnership, their board members, coaches, and parents participated in multiple workshops. The workshops led to much discussion about how to create and promote the PCA culture.

Jen Heger, PCA-Seattle Trainer shares, “In a lot of the workshops (Leading Your Organization and Double-Goal Coach) there is discussion about the need to be relentless to create a PCA culture. Leaders/coaches can't just say all the right things at the initial parent meeting and then feel like their work is done." 

She continues, "We talk about efforts, big and small, that create the wearing a badge identifying you're a board member or how they greet kids at practice, content of a weekly email, do they give a weekly award for effort, do they post photos of those who volunteer to officiate or work concessions with a thank you? In some ways these small things are "low hanging fruit" but they are really the manifestation of culture."

As part of the movement, they implemented a new badge system for all NBLL board members to be more identifiable and available. Heger adds, “Great to see it in action. I love that they announce it on social media, with a fun visual. Simple leadership tool, big difference.

To learn more about the partnership, visit the NBLL site.

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