Is your coach PCA’s next Coach of the Year?

There are so many coaches who have positively impacted the kids they mentor, and Positive Coaching Alliance wants to honor these amazing individuals.

  • The coach teaches life skills through sports.
  • They encourage athletes to focus on their effort and not be afraid of making mistakes, because that is how you improve.
  • They support athletes by focusing on positive reinforcement instead of motivating through fear, intimidation, or shame.
  • They promote behaving respectfully, as the best version of oneself, towards the rules of competition, officials, opponents, and teammates.
  • They create an environment of belonging with focus on equity and inclusion.
  • They work to advocate for access for all kids to play by helping to remove barriers such as cost and equipment.
  • They display empathy and compassion in their approach to coaching.

Simply put, we call a coach with these qualities a Double-Goal Coach®- coaching to win while also pursuing the more important goal of teaching life skills through sports.

If you feel that your coach is a Double-Goal Coach®, please consider nominating them today.
Our Coach of the Year will win $5,000 for their school or youth sports program.
Please read all details below to ensure a successful nomination.

September 8th, 2023-November 15, 2023

The following information will help ensure a strong nomination:

  • Please reply to short answer questions with as much detail as possible. We can only evaluate your coach on the specific details provided so the more you can tell us, the better. Specific examples are important.
  • A minimum of one submitted reference is required for eligibility, but you can have up to 10. We encourage you to use all of the references available to you. The more input we have about your coach, the better!
  • Please include references from a variety of people so we have a well-rounded picture of your coach. We love references from players, parents, fellow coaches, and administrators.
  • Please make sure to check in with your references after requesting their input in the nomination form as the email request from our system often goes to their spam folder.
  • Ensure your nomination is fully submitted and has at least one required reference submitted by the deadline.
  • Any youth or high school sports coach in the U.S. with at least three years experience coaching is eligible. PCA staff and Certified PCA Trainers are not eligible for consideration.
  • A coach may not nominate him/her self.
  • Former National PCA Coach of the Year winners are not eligible.
  • In the event an award winner acts in a manner inconsistent with the principles of Positive Coaching Alliance or in a manner that would reflect poorly on PCA, we reserve the right to rescind this Award.
  • To view PCA's full Safeguarding Policy, click here.

A nomination is complete when the online nomination form has been completed fully and submitted. You
must include the email addresses for a minimum of one reference and a maximum of 10 references. Our online system will send a link to the emails you enter to provide a reference electronically which will attach to your nomination. We do not accept any references submitted outside of the online form. Please keep in mind that the more references you have, the more we know about your coach to evaluate them.

Please only nominate a coach one time. Others interested in nominating the same coach should provide support as a reference for the original nomination.

For any questions about the program or your nomination, please contact Jennie Wulbrun


2023 PCA Coach of the Year, Theresa Sherry

2022 PCA Co-Coach of the Year, Breasha Pruitt

2022 PCA Co-Coach of the Year, Shawn Granberry

2021 PCA Coach of the Year, Charles Adams III