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Fostering Positive Parent/Guardian Engagement

At Positive Coaching Alliance, we believe the strength of the team lies in its community. A coach can turn a ball and a court into a life changing environment, but it’s everyone surrounding your young athletes who contribute to the experience. After all, the support of the community is what ensures children can come together and play in the first place.

Coaches Can:

Hold a preseason meeting to share your coaching philosophy, the importance of valuing process over winning, overview logistics, and any feedback channels you’d like to establish.

If you have a written team agreement, charter, or code of conduct for your team, extend that to the parents. Getting everyone on the same page will help to align expectations and set everyone up for success, no matter your record.

Reach out for help with the small things that make sports fun: snack schedules, carpool help, or encouraging signs for big games. Parents/guardians are part of the team too!

Consider inviting parents/guardians into the huddle after the game – show them how you help your athletes digest a big win or learn from a loss the moment when emotions are most often at their highest.