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Developing Your Coaching Philosophy

An intentional coach uses their coaching philosophy to influence all aspects of their sport program. Taking the time to define your purpose and devising ways to integrate it into your team can help you have a lasting impact on your players. Positive Coaching Alliance believes that intentional, relationship focused coaches are key to developing competitors and life skills through sports.

Take some time to consider and answer the questions below:

Why are you coaching? What is your purpose? What does success look like?
Think about what first got you into coaching and what impact you hope to have on your players.

How will this coaching philosophy be integrated in your actions and the relationships that you build with your players?
Think of action steps to apply your philosophy during practices and games as you model behavior and build supportive relationships.

Who will hold you accountable to your philosophy?
Assistant coaches, parents, or even players can help keep you consistent with your coaching philosophy – they just need to know what to look for first!

What is your coaching philosophy catch phrase?
A quick phrase that helps easily relay your purpose and reinforce it with your team. Ex. “Let’s treat each other with dignity, try our best, and have fun!”