“Winning at What Cost” The Mental Health Crisis Facing Today’s Student Athletes

Click the video above to watch the “Winning at What Cost? The Mental Health Crisis Facing Today’s Student-Athletes” webinar!

Hosted by PCA and The Jed Foundation, this webinar, powered by The Choose Kindness Project and ESPN, dives into the mental health challenges facing high school athletes and ways coaches, schools, and communities can create a climate of caring and inclusivity, both on and off the field. Thank you to the Jed Foundation, ESPN and the Choose Kindness Project for making this webinar possible!

We hope you will enjoy the webinar as well as another team effort created by PCA and The Jed Foundation, the Coaches’ Guide to Supporting High School Athlete Mental Health. This easy-to-use guide will help increase your knowledge and comfort in navigating mental health situations and conversations. 

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