Positive Coaching Alliance Celebrates June Pride Month

Positive Coaching Alliance Celebrates June Pride Month

This June, Positive Coaching Alliance (PCA) recognizes and celebrates Pride Month and the importance of inclusivity, equity, support, and allyship with and for our LGBTQ+ communities.

Everyone can benefit from and thrive in sports environments. However, too often, LGBTQ+ youth are not included, face discrimination, or lack welcome and support in sports environments. To ensure all kids, and people, have access to the benefits of sport, PCA provides parents, caregivers, coaches, athletes, and leaders with resources to help create a more equitable, positive, and accessible experience for all athletes and youth sports stakeholders. 

According to recent research from GLSEN “among LGBTQ students, sports participation is related to higher levels of self‐esteem, lower levels of depression, and greater school belonging.” Yet, GLSEN shares that “LGBTQ students are much less likely to be involved in these activities given that sports-related spaces at school are often seen as unsafe and unwelcoming spaces by these students.”

Athlete Ally emphasizes that “[a]s leaders in sports – whether you are a coach, athletic director, athletic trainer, or other key part of the community – you play a major role in creating inclusive team spaces by setting an expectation of and modeling respect for everyone.”

Check out these recommended resources for more information and ways to take action: