PCA-Tampa Bay’s Support of Youth Sports Coaches

PCA-Tampa Bay works with over 4,500 coaches annually through workshops which provide tips, tools, and resources that help coaches teach kids to both strive to win and also learn life lessons from practices and games.  In addition to workshops, PCA annually recognizes and awards coaches who execute phenomenally well in this role. 

Locally, the Double-Goal Coach® Awards program is sponsored by Weatherford Capital and the nomination window is open each fall with recognition occurring in the following calendar year. Weatherford Capital, under the leadership of Drew, Will, and Sam Weatherford, is pleased to support the coaches and this program because of the impact coaches had on them. Drew’s high school and college football coaches inspired him and taught him invaluable lessons such as integrity, top-tier leadership, how to execute a strategy, the importance of caring deeply for someone, and helping youth understand the best is yet to come. 

In the fall of 2023, 23 coaches were nominated for PCA’s coach awards program. Six local winners were determined by a selection committee, and each received recognition and funding. Following a competitive process, PCA proceeded to recognize three of them at the regional level and they all became eligible to be National winners. Ultimately Coach Steven Gamble, “Coach G” from Vast Sports Performance Track & Field Club, emerged as one of 25 PCA’s National award winners.  A parent said, “On day one, I knew this was exactly where my daughter belonged. [Coach Gamble] isn’t afraid to challenge the kids and they love him for that. He definitely drives loyalty between the athletes…He focuses on form. He focuses on the mental challenges all of these kids face and it’s extremely important because they understand that being good on and off the track is the way to be successful in life. It’s not one thing or the other.”

PCA- Tampa Bay’s 2024 Coach of the Year awards Local Winners (From Left to Right: Troy Sanders, Cobie Lee, Rachel Lambert-Jolley, Steven Gamble, David Docobo, and Kevin Austin)