PCA Tampa Bay – Building a Positive Team Culture

What does this quote mean to you?

PCA-Tampa Bay’s newest coach workshop, Building a Positive Team Culture, focuses on the importance of building a positive culture that supports the coach’s strategy for team success.  Strategy provides a roadmap, yet it’s the team culture that drives the passion, effort, and teamwork players need to invest in executing against that strategy. 

Furthering PCA’s foundational principles, this workshop helps coaches to: 

  • Understand how a positive team culture improves performance
  • Define and share team values
  • Clearly communicate team values and expectations to athletes and parents – and hold everyone accountable
  • Model respect for the game and everyone involved
  • Build grit and resilience in athletes with high challenge/high support drills and activities

The workshop leverages the use of breakouts and scenario discussions as well as sharing of best practices among coaches throughout the workshop to bring these concepts to life. 

Creating a positive, developmental youth sports culture starts with the coach. It leads to boosted morale, team cohesion, sportsmanship, performance, and excellence. This workshop provides coaches with the tools to make sports an enriching experience for everyone involved.  

Thanks to the leadership, collaboration, and support from Hillsborough County Public Schools, Pasco County Schools, and Pinellas County Schools in creating this workshop and ensuring all coaches in their school districts annually participate in this professional development.