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PCA-Tampa Bay and Tampa Metropolitan Area YMCA Partner to Support Coaches, Youth, and Families


Positive Coaching Alliance - Tampa Bay and the Tampa Metropolitan Area YMCA recently renewed their partnership and the two nonprofits share similar core character values that want to accomplish the same thing: keep kids involved in sports so they can learn how to succeed in life; and provide coaches the support they need so they can positively impact kids at practice, in competition, at summer camp, and in life outside of sports.

The partnership kicked off last month with PCA’s Double-Goal Coach® workshop in downtown Tampa as the YMCA aims to provide the best services, led by the best staff, for the individuals and families that participate in the YMCA’s programs.

"We’re very excited that this time has come. We’ve had our first session with PCA.  The feedback that we received - I don’t think it could have been more positive.  We had Executive Directors from each center there, we had sports directors, program directors, head swim and gymnastics coaches, and leadership from First Tee-Tampa Bay as well.  I can truly say we have bought into the program," said Jarrod Williams, Campo YMCA Executive Director and YMCA of the USA Youth Sports Advisor. "We want our staff to remain with the YMCA for many years, to be strong, character-driven leaders, and to have a major impact on the lives of kids."

"The coaching education for the YMCA’s staff, coaches, and directors is of value to not only them, but ultimately to the kids they coach and interact with daily," said Mason Cathey, Regional Director at PCA-Tampa Bay.  “We want all of their leadership to feel prepared to make the most of their opportunities and to take advantage of all the teachable moments they get with kids.  When coaches feel prepared, they enjoy coaching more and they stick with it for many seasons and sometimes many years.  Further, the YMCA is one of the best organizations in Tampa Bay and we are thankful to be working with them again as we strengthen our community.”

The YMCA has future workshops scheduled with PCA and Williams said, “I’m getting texts, emails, and phone calls asking: Can we bring more people? We have some leadership staff that we want to bring that can learn from this. That’s how you know you have a good program.”

About PCA

As a catalyst for a positive youth sports culture, Positive Coaching Alliance provides research-based training and resources for coaches, parents, athletes, and leaders to ensure a positive youth development experience for ALL kids, in all communities across the U.S., through sports. PCA ensures sports are ‘done right’ with programming that is research-based and designed to have impact at three levels in a youth sports organization or school:

  • YOUTH experience improved life skills and character development.
  • COACHES become more positive and increase their focus on using sports to teach life lessons.
  • YOUTH SPORTS ORGANIZATIONS AND SCHOOLS see their cultures become more positive and everyone involved has more fun.

PCA believes that all youth can benefit from a positive, inclusive sports culture that develops social and emotional skills, molds character, and prepares them for competition and life. In more than two decades of work, PCA expanded from a small local nonprofit to a strong, nationwide organization that provides programming in all 50 states, reaching thousands of organizations around the country and positively impacting millions of youth athletes every year. PCA has now partnered with roughly 3,500 schools and youth sports organizations nationwide to deliver more than 20,000 live group workshops, reaching over 20 million youth.

About Tampa Metropolitan Area YMCA

The Tampa Metropolitan Area YMCA was founded based on the core character values of Caring, Honesty, Respect, and Responsibility.

The YMCA continues to flourish because those values are as relevant to today’s world as they were in 1844, when a young drapery clerk named George Williams sought to develop a wholesome place for young people to escape the immorality of the London Streets during the Industrial Revolution.

By 1851, there were 24 Ys in Great Britain, with a combined membership of 2,700. That same year the Y arrived in North America. It was established in Montreal on November 25 and in Boston on December 29. From there, the YMCA grew quickly across the United States and Canada.

In 1908, the first YMCA facility was built in Tampa–a 50,000-square-foot building on the corner of North Florida Avenue and Zack Street. The building cost $100,000 and was funded entirely through contributions from individuals. This YMCA brought Tampa its first gymnasium and indoor swimming pool. It also had residential headquarters to provide housing for young men when they came to the city.

Over the decades, that first location has grown to 10 family facilities, four wellness centers, two golf facilities, an outdoor adventure camp and numerous program sites across Hillsborough and eastern Pasco counties. Each location provides the wholesome, life-enriching activities young George Williams envisioned so long ago. YMCAs all across America became an integral part of our culture’s fabric, sparking a spirit of creativity that has given us basketball and volleyball, both invented at the YMCA; the idea of night school which has enabled so many to further their education; and the concepts for healthy organizations including the Boy Scouts and Campfire Girls.

Today, the YMCA, the largest and oldest service organization in America, serves 17 million members in 120 countries. In Tampa Bay alone, we reach more than 160,000 individuals each year through membership, programs, and outreach activities in our community. Through Our Vision 2020, we have laid the foundation to take the Tampa YMCA into the future so we can continue to serve the Tampa Bay community for years to come.

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