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PCA Principles Cross International Borders with Partner Hong Kong Amateur Hockey Club Limited


Hong Kong Amateur Hockey Club Limited has been online partners with PCA since 2017 and have truly embraced the culture-shaping resources PCA provides. HKAHC has incorporated PCA concepts and principles into their training, facilities, local youth sports expo, and club resources.

The PCA Handbook is distributed to coaches and parents at the beginning of the year, and throughout the year, coaches, parents, and officials can hand out the collectible cue cards when they see players modeling the positive characteristics they are striving to develop. This consistent verbal and non-verbal messaging has made a significant impact on the culture of the club and they are seeing increased retention, better sportsmanship, and improvements in performance at all levels.

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HKAHC Positive Coaching Booklet


Message from Chairman Thomas J. WU

The sport of ice hockey is rapidly growing in Hong Kong. Within the ever-changing ice hockey environment, we are committed to instilling positive values in all players, coaches, parents, and officials involved in the game. In addition, we also strive to create an enjoyable and inclusive environment where young players can have as much fun as possible.

Through our partnership with the Positive Coaching Alliance, our mission is to bring a positive and character-building sport experience, emphasizing our core values including teamwork, integrity, respect, fair play and friendship in nurturing "Better Athletes, Better People".

Ultimately, a positive environment is essential for coaches to facilitate well-being, leading to a healthier sports participation for athletes.