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MAKING AN IMPACT with Olympian Gevvie Stone MD, Chevy, and CBS EcoMedia


“Amazing.”  “Inspiring.” “Motivating.” “Loved it.”

These are the comments from students who have participated in Positive Coaching Alliance’s Triple-IMPACT Competitor workshop series demonstrating how SPORTS TEACH: CHARACTER + LEADERSHIP. With the proud support of your New England Chevy Dealers and CBS EcoMedia, PCA is delivering this workshop series in 17 plus locations around New England to inspire student-athletes to make themselves, their teammates and the game better.

The IMPACT series helps student-athletes deepen their understanding of how sports done right develop the kind of character—grit, resilience, discipline, positivity, teamwork, sportsmanship, leadership, humility, courage, responsibility, accountability, and more—which leads to success on the field and in life. Early reports from the first few workshops show that we are making an IMPACT, here is more of what students are saying:

Amazing, I have taken so much from it.

My main problem was doubting myself so this helped me a lot.

It helps me see how to be a better teammate.

Very inspiring.

It opened my mind on how I see the game and how I can approach it.

The series was launched at the John D. O’Bryant School for Mathematics and Science in Roxbury on Tuesday, October 23. In the house to deliver a high-energy workshop were Olympian
Genevra Stone, MD and PCA’s All-Star PCA Trainer Monica D. Livingston. Special thanks to the O’Bryant’s Dave Macleod and Boston Public Schools Athletic Director Avery Esdaile for hosting, and WBZ-TV/CBS Boston for covering the launch.

An extra shout out to the O’Bryant’s own Triple-Impact Competitor, and SquashBusters athlete Angela Cao! PCA recognized Angela on-stage and presented her with a gift certificate from New Balance.

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