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The thermometer at Fenway Park reached 94°​ on Thursday, July 21 and 474 people still chose to sweat for good, running, jogging, or walking the stairs at Fenway Park, and then celebrating sports done right at our 2022 STADIUM STAMPEDE at FENWAY.

THANK YOU to everyone who came out to sweat, celebrate, and support PCA and its commitment to positive youth development through sports done right. We had 31 teams this year, with participants ranging in age from one to seventy-eight.

The energy, enthusiasm, and yes, sweat, combined with the support of our sponsors will help PCA reach more NE kids to ensure they have a positive youth sports experience, an experience that can help them develop the grit, resilience, teamwork and so much more they need to thrive.

One moment that exemplified all that PCA stands for happened as the event came to a close. Ryan McManus won a Red Sox player-signed baseball. With a smile, Ryan did what came naturally after years of playing sports, he gave it away to six-year old Xavier. The picture of Ryan, Xavier, and Xavier’s mom is the picture of sports done right.

The evening was filled with meaningful moments.

On the field, Alex Cora’s Red Sox players fielded and 95-mph fastballs whizzed by in the dugout as PCA delivered pre-event workshops in the stands for coaches and for young athletes. Read about our Fenway workshops below.

Fathers, daughters, mothers,
sons, friends and colleagues
gathered for team photos before
we began, and continued to snap
photos throughout the evening as
sports united us.

The infectious enthusiasm of B/Spoke’s Nicole Paradis and the whole B/Spoke squad energized everyone in America’s Most Beloved Ballpark.

People’s faces told the story. Some smiling, everyone sweating and showing qualities built through sports, just like on the sponsors’ scoreboards.

Character. Grit. Resilience. Teamwork. Joy.

Don’t miss the link to lots more photos.


Courtney Marsolais smiled her way up and down the stairs, just weeks away from the due date of her first child!

Runners received water and
the occasional spray from two
4 year olds, Kira and
Finleigh—their mothers both
play for the back-to-back-to-
back champion Boston

Tommy, and almost everyone who joined us, cooled off under The Big Splash, when friends hit the target.

Because we believe what gets rewarded gets repeated, we had prizes.

Deloitte won headbands from New Balance for being the Largest Team with a whopping 47 members.

Point32Health, led by Katania Salomon-Baker in matching purple t-shirts, won NOBULL hats for Team Spirit. There was serious competition for this award with spirited teams from Burns & Levinson, Avison Young, and Insperity competing in white, navy and royal team t-shirts.

Three ten year olds, Riley and Caroline, and Finn who just kept going, and going, and going, to the applause of the back-to-back championship Boston Pride, won Marathon Sports gift certificates for Grit.

Gevvie Stone MD, 3X Olympian and 6X Leader of the STADIUM STAMPEDE, was a runaway winner for Best Teammate. The prize was a gift certificate from NOBULL.

Kristine Bannon of Team Insperity (in gray) won a Best Teammate award thanks to her contagious enthusiasm helping to grow her team grow to 39 members this year —watch out Deloitte!

At PCA, we believe that there is no better place than sports to learn to be a great teammate and so many other important life lessons, so we strive to get and keep every kid in sports by helping ensure they play and compete in a positive environment.

Support of PCA and this event makes it possible for more kids to experience joy in sports, and in life.









Before the STADIUM STAMPEDE, PCA hosted two workshops, one for coaches and one for young athletes in the bleachers while the Red Sox players practiced. Coaches saw Alex Cora coaching pitchers on hand placement, and pitchers sending 95 mph fastballs a few feet away in the dugout. PCA Trainer Chris Fay shared an example from Alex Cora about how it’s important to reward what you want to see repeated (click here for a video and blog about a PCA event featuring Alex Cora—and the story he tells about Rafael Devers and Chipotle). A few takeaways from the Coach Workshop:

  • Make an effort to connect with young athletes as people because “we can’t correct until we connect”
  • Develop a mistake ritual for your team, it will help kids bounce back from mistakes, strike-outs, and be ready for the next play or at bat
  • Accept that skill levels will vary, and meet young athletes “where their cleats are” and teach empathy and leadership
  • Build confidence and decrease anxiety by focusing on controlling the controllables (effort and attitude) and not focusing on the uncontrollables (heat, umpires, and spectators)
  • Remind kids (and parents) that we play sports

The athletes’ workshop, led by PCA Trainer Tracy Jones, ended with some fun handshakes.

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