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La Salle College Prep Starts Character and Leadership Program With the Help of PCA


La Salle College Prep partnered with PCA to bring the Character & Leadership Development Program into their school.  PCA has started adapting this fall to offer the workshops via Zoom.  Each Zoom Video workshop is facilitated by two certified PCA Trainers, and a producer. 

The PCA Character & Leadership Development Program consists of a curriculum of 4 workshops designed to educate student-athletes on PCA’s foundational principles and how to put those principles to use every day. Each workshop is a 50-minute, highly interactive session integrating group learning and case study techniques.  PCA also offers corresponding workshops for administrators, coaches and parents.

"So impressed with the PCA's adjustment to an online virtual presentation model. It is challenging to ask kids to do more online workshops after a long day online with their academic coursework, however PCA tries to balance information delivery, discussion and small group work in a manner that is engaging for students."

"I am so happy to hear the first PCA workshop via Zoom was so well received! We were worried the student-athletes might have Zoom burnout."

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