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Irving ISD Partner Profile


Q: What is the mission of Irving ISD athletics?

A: Our vision is to offer opportunities for students to prepare and compete that teach and instill qualities such as character, sportsmanship, team building, commitment, positive responses to adversity, leadership, and perseverance.

The goal is for the student to leave the program with the tools to be successful academically, as a husband/wife, father/mother, employee and community member.

Q: Why does Irving ISD partner with PCA?

A: Irving ISD partners with PCA to nurture growth opportunities for our coaches and students. We believe in the culture that PCA strives to create. It is our goal to use sports to teach life lessons that will impact our students in a positive way long after their playing days are over.

Q: How long have you been a PCA partner?

A: Four years.

Q: What groups have you provided workshops for?

A: Middle school and high school coaches, all 8th grade student-athletes (boys and girls), and leadership groups at each of our 3 high schools.

Q: What has the impact of partnering with PCA been in your organization?

A: The impact of partnering with PCA has been establishing a clearly defined vision of what we want our athletic department to represent. Whether it is coaches or players, our vision of eliminating a “win at all cost” environment is clearly understood. Coaches and players understand that our expectations are to compete at a high level but not at the expense of sacrificing character and ethics.

Q: As we work together to change the culture of youth and high school sports in North Texas, what would you tell another youth sports organization about PCA?

A: PCA is an excellent partner and resource to assist your organization in establishing a vision and culture of doing things the right way. The message of respect, character, effort, and a “team first” approach will serve your players and your coaches in a manner that they will be able to carry into their future endeavors.

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