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Inside PCA Impact: Win The Next Snap!


Take each play as an individual moment to do your best. Whether you succeed or not, having the ability to reflect and grow from that moment is what’s most important in the classroom, on the field, and in everyday life. 

(Teaching colleague of Darren Schmidt describing his impact)

Darren Schmidt, who recently won PCA's 2018 Double-Goal Coach® Award as football coach for East Harlem Pride, is known for the phrase 'win the next snap.' As the school year gets underway again, and student-athletes hit the practice fields, gyms, and classrooms, again, we hope that you can all join Coach Schmidt in winning the next snap throughout your season and in your life.

Coach Schmidt is the true embodiment of coaching to win while utilizing sports to teach important life lessons. As the head football coach for the East Harlem Pride, a program comprised of student-athletes from 6 different small high schools, Schmidt was recognized this past year as a national winner for PCA’s Double-Goal Coach® Award and was a regional winner in the New York area.

The banner plastered across Coach Schmidt’s classroom wall says quite simply – Win The Next Snap! In the classroom and on the football field his guiding principle states you must move past failure, never give up, and learn from your mistakes. Snap, Learn, Move On. Repeat.

Having built the East Harlem Pride football team from inception, Coach Schmidt conquers all challenges he is faced with. No permanent practice location or home field to play games, this is not seen as a barrier. Players who have never played and don’t know proper technique, this is seen as an opportunity to teach the game.

Learning resilience and how to leverage a positive growth mindset is what makes youth and high school sports a transformative, life-defining experience.

Thank You, Coach Schmidt – WIN THE NEXT SNAP!

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