Get Ready for Fall Sports – And Take Advantage of a Discount on PCA Online Courses

While summer is just getting started, fall sports are around the corner and now is a great time to take a PCA online course that will help provide all kids with a positive youth sports experience – and enjoy 25% SAVINGS good through 9/30/2024 – use discount code BTS2024

PCA offers seven online courses – all research-based and designed to help coaches, parents, athletes, and officials ensure that kids have the game-changing skills to be the best versions of themselves on and off the field.  

  • Our introductory course to PCA – COACHING FOR WINNING AND LIFE LESSONS a highly interactive course on why and how to pursue both winning and the more important goal of teaching life skills through sports.
  • How to create a team culture of excellence – CULTURE, PRACTICES AND GAMES. Phil Jackson, Doc Rivers, Herm Edwards and other top coaches and athletes focus on how to create dynamic practices and strategies for getting the most from your athletes – as players and as people — before, during and after the game.
  • Helping athletes to become better leaders, teammates and how to honor the game – DEVELOPING THE TRIPLE-IMPACT COMPETITOR®.  Phil Jackson, Julie Foudy, Shane Battier, Herm Edwards and other top coaches and athletes train coaches to help high school athletes become “Triple-Impact Competitors” who improve on three levels: Personal Mastery – Making oneself better, Leadership – Making one’s teammates better, and Honoring the Game – Making the game better. 
  • COACHING WITH EMPATHY – Coaching with Empathy provides coaches with the tools to build meaningful, understanding relationships with and amongst their team – and unlock the many benefits that sports can provide. 
  • Learn how to focus on helping youth process life lessons through sports – POSITIVE SPORTS PARENT: DEVELOPING WINNERS IN LIFE THROUGH SPORTS.  This interactive workshop provides specific tips and techniques for parents to use in talking with their children on game day, developing a productive coach relationship, and becoming positive supporters in the stands.
  • TRIPLE-IMPACT COMPETITOR®: A LEADERSHIP WORKSHOP FOR ATHLETES – Doc Rivers, Julie Foudy, Shane Battier and other top coaches, athletes, and experts teach student-athletes how to make positive contributions on three levels: Personal Mastery: Improving Oneself; Leadership: Improving Teammates; Honoring the Game: Improving the Sport.
  • HONORING THE GAME: THE OFFICIAL’S ROLE IN CREATING A POSITIVE YOUTH SPORTS CULTURE – This interactive workshop is filled with powerful officiating tools, is based on the latest research from sports psychology, and reflects the “best practices” of elite officials across the country! It introduces PCA’s three main principles behind creating a positive youth sports culture for officials: Mastery (ELM); Never Too High, Never Too Low; Honoring the Game.

Courses are self-paced, take up to 60 minutes to complete, and include instructional modules and opportunities for interactivity and reflection. They also feature easy-to-use tools and tips to help you put positive coaching practices to work right away! 

Coaches’ ability to support life skills development & social emotional learning

  • 82% are better able to help athletes develop a growth mindset
  • 79% are better able to help athletes bounce back quickly from mistakes
  • 79% are better able to develop teamwork
  • 81% do more to help athletes develop resilience
  • 78% are increasing their focus on teaching life lessons through sports

Sports as fun

  • 78% say their athletes’ experiences have improved because of PCA tools
  • 76% say their team’s environment is more positive
  • 74% say their organization’s environment is more positive

Parent-coach relationships

  • 74% have more constructive conversations with parents

Coach and athlete turnover

  • 61% report that they are likely to continue coaching for longer
  • 75% expect to see greater retention of their athletes on their teams

Usefulness of PCA tools

  • Over 95% report using PCA tools after the workshop
  • 90% believe PCA tools help make them better coaches

Results are based on 428 responses to surveys administered to coaches six weeks after PCA online workshop participation between February 2019 and March 2020.