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PCA-North Texas Trainer Kip Watson Explains The Value Of Being A PCA Trainer

Kip Watson, a PCA-North Texas trainer, is a Licensed Professional Counselor, Certified High Performance Coach, and a former Professional Athlete. Kip has assisted individuals, families, coaches, and athletes from the grade school level to the NFL in maximizing mental and physical potential. She is the CEO and Sports Psychology Professional of her company Braincode Corp/NeuroSport™ customizing training and preparation for stated objectives. 

In this video, Watson shares that her involvement as a trainer for PCA-North Texas has benefited her in the following ways:

  • A new level of knowledge and skills to more deeply impact coaches, parents, athletes, and organizational leaders

  • The gratification and self-satisfaction of bringing such valuable tools and concepts to schools and Youth Sports Organizations all over North Texas

  • Seeing the "beauty of transformation" and the direct impact of PCA lessons both on and off the playing field in terms of results on the scoreboard and life lessons learned

  • The joy and energy experienced when presenting a PCA workshop to coaches, parents, athletes, or organizational leaders.

It goes without saying that Kip's experience as a trainer for PCA-North Texas is both impactful and full of joy. Interested in joining Kip as a PCA-North Texas Trainer? Learn more below.

We seek individuals committed to the PCA mission to conduct workshops for coaches, athletes, parents and organizational leaders for schools and youth sports organizations. Ideal candidates for this independent contractor position will have attended a PCA Workshop, have substantial sports and coaching expertise, and have experience teaching, presenting and leading interactive trainings. Engaging presentation and communication skills are a must.

To learn more about this role, read this Prospective Trainer Frequently Asked Questions Document.

Experience Needed:
To determine if you have the experience needed to be an effective PCA Trainer, use this worksheet.

After reading the Frequently Asked Questions Document, you can apply by submitting a completed Trainer Application Form to PCA National Director of Training, Ruben Nieves, or by emailing PCA-North Texas Chapter Executive Director Danielle Moorman.

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