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Positively Chart Your Players’ Success

Coaches often think they add value only by pointing out players’ flaws and trying to correct them. But it also is important to positively reinforce what players are doing right. Positive Charting will help you “catch players doing things right.”

Here’s how Positive Charting works, using the following form:

  • Write the name of each player in a box on the form.
  • In the space marked “Look-For” note any specific action or technique you want to see.
  • Write a note under a player’s name for any positive act that may be comment-worthy after the practice or game (that may include the mental game, such as a player encouraging teammates).
  • Consider enlisting assistant coaches, parents, and players on the bench in Positive Charting. It will help them see the game in new ways.
  • Try to record 2-5 positive comments for EVERY player. If necessary, limit the number of comments for the advanced players who already get plenty of positive reinforcement.
  • Make sure your praises are truthful and specific.
  • Review your positive charting with players in a team meeting after the game or practice or before the next game or practice.