The determination to work towards goals regardless of setbacks.

Persistence, the determination to work towards goals regardless of setbacks, is one of the many life skills a positive coach can help develop in their athletes. In order to do this, a coach must be intentional in how they identify and integrate persistence into their practices. Use the following tips to identify and develop persistence with your athletes.

Terms Coaches Can Use with Athletes

  • “Finish it up”
  • “Stay with what is working”
  • “Find another way”
  • “Don’t give up”
  • “Look around the obstacles”

What it Looks Like and Sounds Like with Athletes

  • Asks for appropriate help when challenged
  • Stays focused on the process (not the outcome) of an activity
  • Stays engaged with the activity
  • Breaks tasks into smaller manageable parts
  • Makes the connection between effort and success

Examples with Sport

  • Athlete changes strategy when they are not able to achieve the goal
  • Athlete shows increased effort each time they perform the same activity/game
  • Athlete seeks to find ways to measure improvements with feedback or statistics

Criteria for Activity Selection
Includes a measurable goal or is outcome based