All kids have the potential to learn and thrive. With intentional focus, adults can bring out each kids’ unique strengths.

Key Elements for Learning and Development

Positive Relationships
Strong, trusting relationships are essential to learning and development. Trust, friendship, and mentoring can help reduce the damage that problems like poverty, discrimination, and anxiety cause in kids’ lives.
Coaches Can: Create opportunities to build connection with each player.

Understanding Context
Experiences, environments, and cultures are the defining influences on learning and development.
Coaches Can: Listen and learn about each player and how their experiences impact them.

The Brain is Flexible
The human brain is remarkably flexible and can be changed by strong, supportive, relationships and conditions they create. Experiences adults design and provide for kids can have a lasting influence on their lives.
Coaches Can: See the potential in each player and promote continued learning opportunities.

Each Kid is Unique
Every kid learns in their own way.
Coaches Can: See what works best for each player.

How the Science of Learning and Development Can Transform Education: Initial Findings October, 2019