Ted Liles

Managing Principal, Cresa Global Inc.

Regional Board Members

Ted Liles, SIOR, is a recognized leader in the realm of corporate real estate. As Managing Principal at Cresa Global Inc., he leads a dedicated team to deliver innovative and sustainable solutions for organizations with expansive industrial portfolios across North America.

Before his real estate success, Ted’s dedication and talent propelled him to an athletic journey at Long Beach State, where he played Division I Men’s Volleyball and trained with the USA Men’s Volleyball Team.

Away from work, Ted’s focus shifts to his family – his wife Jenny, to whom he’s been married for 14 years, and their two sport-loving children. Their involvement in club soccer, basketball, and dance allow Ted to pursue his passion for youth sports and mentorship.

Ted is a strong advocate for the transformative power of coaching in shaping young lives. Beyond fostering athletic abilities, he ardently champions life values such as teamwork, resilience, and discipline. His belief in sports as a conduit for these skills is a testament to his holistic approach to mentorship.