Shay Wilson

Fitness & Motivational Coach, Former D1 Athlete

PCA Trainers

Powerful, inspirational speaker, fitness expert, spiritual teacher and business owner, Shay Wilson has been presenting and speaking for years.  And, she has been overcoming adversity against seemingly impossible odds and inspiring others her whole life.  In her talks, Shay provides the “WOW” that audiences crave, while delivering the substance that everyone values.

A former D-1 basketball star, a women’s semi -pro football player, and a former juvenile probation officer,  Shay Wilson uses stories from her journey that took her from a rough neighborhood in Austin, Texas to her having her own business as a fitness and motivational coach to CEO’S and other high profile clients that have worked and stayed with her more than 15 years.  She uses her wit, enthusiasm, skill, and strength to engage, inspire, motivate, and challenge all who hear her story.

Shay interconnects her life experiences to show how achieving success is at everyone’s fingertips.  With honesty and vulnerability, she shares how over coming a major disability, that should have kept her from being able to walk helped her to become a star basketball player, an up and coming probation officer,  and a successful business owner.  She effectively shows her audiences how they can use certain fundamental building blocks to overcome fear, adversity, change, and trauma.  It’s these fundamentals that she has learned and mastered that she will share with audiences to help them Expect the Best and succeed in their specific career or in life.

Shay’s inspirational capabilities create a bond between audiences young and old alike, enabling them to visualize the success they’ve always dreamed of but more importantly, energizing and motivating them to make those dreams a reality.

Shay’s passion for helping people attain success will ignite anyone within earshot of one of her talks.