Rosalinda Mancillas

Youth Development, Organizational Psychology, Anti-Racism and Equity consultant

PCA Trainers

As a Youth Development, Organizational Psychology, Anti-Racism and Equity consultant, Rosalinda Mancillas brings over 18 years of expertise specializing in shifting learning cultures with a background in Education, Social Psychology, Advocacy, and Critical Race Theory. Her work spans the state of California, throughout the United States, and globally in Mexico, Spain, and Costa Rica.

Reflecting on her 8 years coaching and organizing youth sports leagues with the City of Sacramento, a memorable moment happened while boarding a plane cross country. Saddened she would miss the deciding game of the season, Rosalinda’s phone rang and it bubbled over with emotional tears of her athletes shouting every moment of the most intense game they had played. From the point guards calling the plays like practice to teammates calling timeouts to regroup, Rosalinda was moved most by their leadership. Lifting one another when the moment mattered, they exemplified athletes who well understood the success of one centered on the success of each other. They made the playoffs.

Though a volleyball player in her youth, Rosalinda’s appreciation for sports began at age seven playing pick-up basketball games with her father and brothers on a makeshift court in the backyard. It’s there she learned how to make her first jump shot and where stories told by her father became life lessons filled with the knowledge of generations before them. Rosalinda joined Positive Coaching Alliance out of that same commitment to honoring the game, athletes, and community.