Leanne Rose

Sr. Program Manager, East Territory (New England)

PCA Staff

Leanne began her PCA journey in November 2013, as Partner Support Manager for the New England Chapter. Since then, she added additional responsibilities for the New York chapter, and now serves in Philadelphia and for the Mid-Atlantic Chapter, which launched in 2018. As Partner Support Manager Leanne is responsible for assisting these two chapters with the development and management of PCA partnerships. As PSM, she works closely with the Chapter Partnership Managers and Executive Directors to maintain pro-active relationships with all PCA partners in the East Coast region, primarily scheduling and coordinating workshops for those partners.

Leanne has a Bachelors of Science in Sports Management and Business. Before joining PCA, she managed a private golf course.

Leanne also teaches dance and when not working at PCA, she also enjoys spending time with her husband and son.