Keegan LaMar

Performance Mindset Coach

Regional Board Members, PCA Trainers

Having been a multi-sport athlete in high-school and Collegiate football player at the University of Colorado, Keegan has and always will have a passion for sports. He has played on teams that never lost until the final game and on teams that barely could win until the final game. Having been a part of the full spectrum of success in sports he has seen the impacts that team composition, record, coaching, and mindset all have on the external and internal game we play. Keegan was the kind of athlete that would consider himself “surgical” or “analytical” about the game. He always thought things through down to the most minute details. The downfall of this was when he over-analyzed the game and faced a new opponent: Himself.
Since his playing days, Keegan has spent most of his time obsessing over the internal opponent we all face and how to create a powerful relationship with the champion within and how to help others create a mindset based on mastering one’s own performance formula.

Keegan has been a performance mindset coach since 2017 and has worked with athletes who have competed in the olympics, NFL, MLS, and NBA and has also been a sports coach for both Football and Basketball.