Kayla Landes-Brenman

Partnership & Program Manager, West Territory

PCA Staff

Kayla, who previously served as Partnership Manager for PCA-LA, now serves as Program Manager for the West Territory (Arizona, Hawaii, Los Angeles). Kayla completed her Bachelor’s Degree in Kinesiology from San Jose State University, and recently completed her Master’s Degree in Sports Management from Long Beach State University.

Throughout school, Kayla coached gymnastics at Airborne in Santa Clara, CA, and led them to win six State Championships. Prior to PCA, she worked at Special Olympics Southern California, the Rose Bowl, and LAFC. As an intern, Kayla managed the Stadium Stampede Fundraiser, worked on the Summer Character Program launch, and attended many Workshops and events. She assisted the LA staff with partner outreach, attended meetings, and brought in a unique opportunity for us to connect with Special Olympics Southern California to reach over 550 Flag Football players at the Rose Bowl!

Kayla Landes-Brenman has been involved in sports since she was 3 years old! As both an athlete and a coach, she brings a unique perspective to PCA! Kayla grew up as a competitive gymnast, competing at the highest youth level and deeply connects with PCA’s mission to bring a positive culture to athletes, coaches, and parents everywhere. She values teamwork, and understands the importance of keeping kids in sports!