Julie Smith

Executive Director, SAGE Compassion for Animals

National Leadership Council

Dr. Julie Smith is a graduate of UC Berkeley where she earned a BS in Bioresource Sciences. She received her veterinary degree from UC Davis (1992), followed by an internship at North Carolina State University, and a residency in small animal surgery at the University of Georgia. Dr. Smith also served as an Assistant Professor of small animal surgery at Kansas State University before joining SAGE Veterinary Centers for Specialty and Emergency Care in 1997 (formally DBA Veterinary Surgical Associates) as an Board-Certified Veterinary Surgeon. In 1999, she became a partner in the business.

Dr. Smith’s passion for professional development spurred her to become certified by the Canine Rehabilitation Institute (2008) as a Certified Canine Rehabilitation Therapist and earn her MBA at St. Mary’s College (2013). Dr. Smith has taken a very active role in the management of SAGE Centers since 2002, and was named one of SAGE’s Managing Partners in 2010 and also their Medical Director in 2013.

On the business side, Dr. Smith’s extensive background in all aspects of veterinary medicine allows her to bring a unique perspective to the role of Medical Director in helping to guide the continuing growth of SAGE. Dr. Smith also works with national veterinary groups to stay connected with the veterinary industry as a whole. She is the current President of the Veterinary Specialist Awareness and Outreach Project (VetSOAP). In October 2015, she will begin her three-year term as Treasurer for the American College of Veterinary Surgeons.

On the clinical side, Dr. Smith particularly enjoys the challenges of endocrine surgery (adrenal tumor removal, pancreatic tumor removal, etc.), as well as urinary tract and liver shunt surgeries. She is also extremely passionate about pain management, osteoarthritis, and the positive effect that weight management, exercise, and physical rehabilitation can have on the health and well-being of small animals.

When not practicing, Julie enjoys scuba diving (Certified Rescue Diver), playing soccer, hiking with friends, music festivals, and wine. She is also the proud owner of an orange cat by the name of Punkin’, a Siamese-cross by the name of Gemmie, and a grey girl named G.G. She was drawn to veterinary medicine by her love of small animals and her declaration as a three year-old that that was what she wanted to do when she grew up…and Dr. Smith is a person of her word!