Jeff Perrault

Varsity Head Coach and Community College Faculty

PCA Trainers

Jeff has been working with children and adults on and off the court for over 20 years. Upon resigning from the US Army he was thrown into the coaching fire as a JV head coach and has never looked back since. He has headed up his own varsity high school program, worked at the college level, overseas and with several professional players. Jeff currently teaches at the community college level working in the Exercise Science/Health department, while also running his own industrial psychology consulting business, and coaching basketball about 10 months out of the year at a local club program. He loves the game and the kids that he gets to coach but more importantly the opportunity to influence and mentor not only what happens on the court but off it as well. He is very excited to be participating with Positive Coaching Alliance and is looking forward to having a positive approach and time with other coaches, parents and student/athletes.