Conny Barton

Human Resources Manager

PCA Staff

Conny joined the PCA staff as Human Resources Manager in Mountain View, CA in May 2019. Conny is responsible for all things related to Human Resources, with a focus on HR policies and procedures in addition to recruiting, orienting new employees and assisting current employees in all HR related issues.

Conny is a graduate of Northwestern University with a degree in Computer Science. Conny grew up in the Chicago and biking in the neighborhoods and competed on her high school’s swim team. After college she moved out to California and started her career in High Tech eventually transitioning to Human Resources.

Most recently, Conny has been HR Manager in smaller start-up organizations, her focus has been on developing and implementing HR programs and initiatives; providing day-to-day HR support while aligning with company culture; recruiting, developing and retaining talent and coaching and mentoring. The California Weather enabled her to to participate more fully in hiking, cycling, swimming and skiing. She has also been a USA Swimming Official for a many years. Her position at PCA combines many aspects of her life: professional HR experience, volunteering on non-profit organizations, and participation in youth sports as an official and love of sports in general.

Conny enjoys spending time outdoors. Cycling is a major part of her life, not only does she ride in the nearby hills on the weekends, she commutes by bike to work and incorporates cycling into her vacations, most recently cycling in a trip to Italy. When not cycling, Conny also likes the hike, swim and travel every chance she gets. She enjoys free time with her husband Terry and kids Petra, Andrew and Kelsey.