Recap: How to Recruit & Retain Girls Onto Your Sports Team Webinar

On June 22, 2023 PCA hosted a webinar with Girls Leadership’s Dr. Kendra Carr, and Carolyn Sideco, Certified Athletic Administrator and Consultant, on how to effectively recruit and retain girls onto your sports teams and throughout your programs, especially in under-served areas. 

The discussion was moderated by Kim Turner, PCA Gender Equity Initiative Director. The webinar also debuted a brand new PCA tool with insights for engaging and supporting girls in youth athletics, season after season, for a lifetime of wellness and success. How to Recruit and Retain Girls Onto Your Sports Team & Program.

The webinar took place on June 22, the day before the anniversary of Title IX and Kim presented that when Title IX passed 20 years ago there were less than 300,000 girls playing sports and today we have over 3 million girls playing sports. With over 4 million boys playing, we still have work to close the gap and get more girls involved.  

The discussion focused on:

  • Recruiting girls into sports programs. 
  • Tips on how to keep girls on sport teams over time
  • Learning what girls want and creating the right environment for girls in sports
  • Ideas for retaining girls in sports
  • Allyship and systems change to support girls in sports

See the entire webinar here.