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PCA Live Workshops Available (Zoom and In Person)



Each Live workshop (Zoom or in person) will be facilitated by two certified PCA Trainers. Our interactive workshops range from 30-120 minutes each. Participants receive tangible and practical tools while involving everyone in the process of learning together.

PCA is currently conducting the following interactive workshops via Zoom (and also offers these workshops in Spanish!):



"This was a great presentation. During this time of school closure etc it would be beneficial for PCA to publicize these workshops. Kelly and Jeaney (the PCA trainers) were outstanding. Many of my coaches emailed me after the workshop and stated what a great workshop. Great job PCA!!!”

- Dave Carli, Geneva High School Athletic Director (Illinois)

"The Positive Coaching Alliance Zoom workshop was an amazing experience! We were so impressed with the interaction the online platform provided and the energy the PCA leaders created. The zoom workshop allowed for all players and families to be involved through voice and chat features. This gave it a real interactive experience and help tie in the PCA principles with real-life experiences. I would highly recommend a PCA zoom workshop to any organization that's looking for a fun and informative interactive experience.”

- Paul Esdale, Chief of Hockey Operations, Junior Reign Hockey Club (Los Angeles)

This coaching workshop was SO fantastic. Thank you very, very much - this was the best and most educational webinar I've been on."

- Rachel, Coach for DiscNW, Seattle

"The PCA zoom workshop far exceeded my expectations. I am still on a high from the whole event. You delivered the best vision of PCA I could ever imagine; experienced passionate trainers who brought true engagement in a virtual way making my coaches eager and willing to learn and share. Every organization should have a collective goal of making "Better Athletes, Better People!" Thank you for keeping us inspired with all the new tools and ideas and the motivation to continue to make an impact."

- Neil McNab Jr., Executive Director, Chiefs FC (Atlanta, GA)

"The Dodgers Foundation felt it was incredibly important to continue working with our partners and sharing resources during this difficult time in our lives. Sharing resources virtually through Zoom helped us connect with over 100 members of our Dodgers RBI community and the feedback from the event has been great. Lots of families very appreciate of the information and resources we were able to provide to them. There was really no better way to kick off our first Dodgers RBI Virtual Coaches Training than with the energy and excitement from Jeaney and the Positive Coaching Alliance. Jeaney was able to provide great resources for coaches and parents and most importantly provided much-needed positivity which we all need right now. The great thing about working with PCA is how the resources they provide can support not only our Dodgers RBI coaches but our parents and families as well!"

- Sean Mulligan, Manager of Youth Programs, Los Angeles Dodgers Foundation (California)

"HFA recently completed the Double-Goal Coach course with PCA and we couldn't be happier with how it went! Making a positive impact and encouraging athletes to be their best was emphasized in this truly amazing PCA zoom workshop! Our coaches really engaged through the chat room and breakout room scenarios, and understood the concept of 'Better Athletes, Better People.' Our very interactive facilitators gave importance to being able to focus on improvement in sport skills AND as teammates in human kindness. Every organization should have this virtual opportunity to understand how to make a positive environment to help kids develop their potential. Thanks, too, to LA84 Foundation for providing this effective and fun learning experience. We highly recommend every organization have PCA as a valuable resource!"

- William Aquije, Executive Director, Home Field Advantage

"The workshop was interactive, user friendly, and very beneficial for our coaching staff. The one aspect we truly enjoyed were the breakout sessions that occurred throughout the workshop. Our coaching staff will be participating in more PCA workshops in the near future."

- Luke Toth, Senior Manager, Cleveland Cavaliers Youth Academy (Ohio)

"Positive Coaching Alliance new online webinars same powerful impact for coach development. The online experience was seamless with multiple prepared presenters, clear slides, individuial and breakout room chats. We appreciate PCA’s rapid evolution to provide a safe method and experience for coach development."

- James Charette, Black Hills FC (Seattle)

"This was an online format and from what I understand, one of the first with this training team. They made the workshop very interactive, fast paced and also relevant given the circumstances of our season. I think it went really well. It was well organized, interactive, well paced , and I believe my guys got a lot of out it. It focused on good teammates, preparation, positive mind set and how to overcome adversity."

- Joe Christie, Severn School Lacrosse (Washington D.C.)

"First thing I want to say was the presentations was awesome, the energy and the topics were just what my coaches needed at this time during this time of uncertainty. I got numerous calls and text from my coaches saying how awesome it was. When you put together meetings sometimes coaches are not always into it, just go through the motions (like the athletes at times) but they were actively engaged and it was a lot better than I could have done on my own. I am excited to see how future meetings will be, I know the first one is kind of a broad over view of PCA but some of the in depth topics you have are just what my coaches need. I want to thank PCA for the virtual meeting and look forward to our next meeting."

- Alvin Graham, Athletic Director, Buena Park High School (Los Angeles, CA)

"The Positive Coaching Alliance put together an outstanding Zoom workshop on short notice for my coaches. The feedback has been nothing but positive, and my students, coaches, and athletes will all benefit. We are shut down right now due to the Coronavirus, but we will all benefit when we can return to play."

- Don Collins, CIF-SF Section Commissioner (California)

"The sessions were a hit and we got amazing feedback from membership. Thank you for your time and professionalism over these last few weeks. I look forward to working with you and PCA in the future."

- Drew White, Multnomah Athletic Club, Portland, OR

Coaches who participate in PCA training feel more prepared in specific ways to use tools and techniques with their players to improve their resilience, their sportsmanship, and their character on and off the field. The PCA training sticks with coaches, and they report putting it into practice.

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