PCA April Partner of the Month: Nike RBI

PCA has been working with Nike RBI for nine years and the results of the partnership have been seen at all levels of RBI programming. 

We spoke to the leadership of two Nike RBI programs, The Minnesota Twins and Minnesota Twins Community Fund (MT/MTC), and Indianapolis RBI(Indy). We wanted to understand the benefits each program has seen from working with PCA and the following top themes came out of our conversation:

PCA can be a resource for Nike RBI programs to match training based on the needs of their audience.

The Twins told us that “PCA has helped as a ‘thought partner’ so we can make sure we get the right messages out to the right people.” 

The organization has also appreciated “the opportunity to brainstorm with PCA to find the best curriculum for their kids. “

Both PCA and Nike RBI know how important it is to recruit and retain kids, coaches, and umpires for youth sports, and having PCA’s expertise working with each group can be a tremendous resource for Nike RBI programs.

Programs saw a direct correlation between training and behavior

Mike Lennox from Indianapolis RBI said that since working with PCA he has seen a calmer environment at games, fewer incidents, or “behavior challenges”.  He said that some coaches that have gone through PCA training have gone so far as to be “mediators to try to calm things down instead of just watching their own side of the field,  and instead they get out there and try to calm the other coach down a little bit and to share a little wisdom.”  

PCA research shows that after implementing training YOUTH SPORTS ORGANIZATIONS AND SCHOOLS see their cultures become more positive. In addition, schools working with PCA on closing the sports equity gap see a significant increase in the number of BIPOC students participating in sports and the number of positive youth sports opportunities available.

Nike RBI programs and PCA have Value Alignment

MT/MTC talked about the value alignment they have with PCA. “We talk a lot with the Twins Community Fund about developing, not just the next great athlete, but also the next great human being. And I know that’s very much in line with the goals and the values of PCA. And so, I think there’s this perfect intersection of what we’re trying to do in the world, and how we’re trying to help these young athletes succeed.”

Creating a Positive Youth Culture is more than focusing on the X’s and O’s

Mike Lennox talked about “One of the things that I really try to emphasize when we’re getting our coaches sign up for PCA training is that this is not an X’s and O’s training. You’re not going to learn how to teach bunting and base running to your kids. This is higher level stuff. This is how you work with a kid that’s very positive in orientation.  You learn how to help them. You learn lessons to help them rebound from failure and things that are so important.” 

PCA’s vision is to build a world where every child benefits from a positive youth sports experience with a coach who inspires them to become the best version of themselves in the game and in life. This is in line with Nike RBI programs commitment to setting up participants for success not only in baseball or softball but far beyond the end of their athletic careers as citizens.

PCA is a great complement to the sports of Baseball and Softball

Kobi Allen talked about why Baseball and Softball are such amazing “products”. “It helps you learn as you fail way more than when you succeed, you have a team that depends on you, and you need to learn very specialized skills like hitting a moving ball, throwing a strike, and much more. 

But with all the benefits of baseball and softball, a lot of people kind of fall short because of how unwavering this game is on the mental side, and also the attitude side. There’s a lot of things that go into the game that people don’t really think about. So when we partner with PCA, they talk about those things that are outside of baseball and outside of softball. And that’s what’s really impacting our kids and our coaches.”

PCA support for local Nike RBI initiatives 

PCA offers a comprehensive approach to creating a positive culture in which every stakeholder has clear expectations in their role.  Through their student-athlete leadership academies, the Twins provide tangible leadership training via PCA workshops to baseball and softball players who’ve displayed strong potential to their coaches and peers, and supplement that leadership curriculum by conducting workshops which provide tools and resources to their coaches.

PCA Resources can be Leveraged long after training

Mike Lennox talked about PCA workshops and commented that “PCA  videos in the workshops are great, and I love how they’re interspersed in the training. Tools like the 5:1 magic ratio for criticism are easy to digest, remember and make actionable for a coach and I continue to use so many of the concepts learned long after the training. He’s mentioned that this is why he believes PCA training is important annually, that coaches can always take 1-2 new ideas away every year to add to their coaching arsenal.

PCA would like to thank the MLB-MLBPA Youth Development Foundation for their longtime and continued support of PCA’s work with Nike RBI program.

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