Celebrating Coaches for National Coaches Day

On National Coaches Day, we asked you to tell us about coaches who create a positive, equitable, and accessible youth sport experience. Below is an overview of some of the things we heard about coaches making a difference!


“She believed in me when others didn’t, and I’ll never forget that.”

He saw her potential. And believed in her.

“She keeps us entertained while pushing us to the best of our abilities!”

“She is supportive and understanding and not only coaches us on how to be better dancers but how to be a better human.”

“She is someone who always lets you know that you are so much more than what you believe you are and always pushes you to do the best you can possibly do.”

“…the epitome of an impactful coach who seeks to make all of his players believe in how good they can be, both on and off the ice.”

“He cultivates a diverse, equal-opportunity environment, celebrating each player’s unique abilities and backgrounds.”

“Every day teaches us how to be a better player at the sport and the game.”

She is a true inspiration to every single athlete who is lucky enough to be coached by her!

My coach deserved to be honored because she is the strongest and most hardworking woman I know, and whenever I need inspiration I remember her, not only for dancing but also for life, she has taught me things that I am always grateful for.

“He is just amazing!”

“Selfless, caring, talented.”

“He is more than our coach he is a father figure for some of us.”

“She created a magic space in the dance world that is POSITIVE for kids.”

“His commitment to excellence, both on and off the field, has not only shaped athletes but also instilled valuable life lessons.”

“She is the reason I love dance.”

She makes you feel like family.

“This coach has given me the best gift I could ask for: freedom to fail.”

“She promotes positivity and the well-being of her students’ mental health.”

“She motivates us to push our limits, encourages teamwork and sportsmanship, and always has a positive attitude.”

“…she is a tremendous mentor, role model, and emphasizes life lessons in everything she does with her volleyball team.”

“She is an amazing coach and has impacted the lives of many athletes.”

“I want to honor my coach because she has made P.E. not just about physical health, but mental health too.”

She inspires, she is devoted and dedicated.