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Boulder Mountain Warriors Strengthen Team-Building Skills with PCA


In their second year partnering with PCA, Boulder Mountain Warriors, a year-round youth running club, continues to learn insightful lessons in their workshops. Their three workshops a year train coaches, athletes and parents. The workshops give the Warriors time to strengthen their team-building and encouragement skills to perform better and enjoy the experience more!

This year, the focus was on team-building and a sense of loyalty to teammates. One actionable item was to help kids understand how we could change our own and other's mindsets by encouraging, believing in and letting go of past mistakes so everyone is able to enjoy the experience and perform better.


"Every year, after my PCA workshop for the kids, I feel like I've truly given my teams the best I can. How lucky we are to have a dedicated time to address the mind and heart and how to keep our emotional tanks full. We all need to hear this," said Melody Fairchild, Director of Boulder Mountain Warriors. Melody was a prodigy in US distance running, setting several all-time national junior records that have stood the test of time. She is determined to provide a competitive running program that focuses on a more holistic approach to developing young athletes of all abilities. She is also the co-author of the newly released, Girls Running which gives young girls all they need to strive, thrive and run their best. 

PCA Trainer, Amy Manson also weighed in sharing, "I so admire Melody and the fact that she wanted to partner with PCA to make sure she was bringing in the experience and research-based data to effectively create a culture that cares about the whole kid, mind, body & soul."

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