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Arizona Diamondbacks Support PCA's Scholarship Winners; On Bally Sports


"It’s inspiring to see young people like this that believe in the mission and the message that the Triple-Impact Competitor® provides or what the scholarship provides. They ran with it and they get it. The neat thing is it’s cool for us to be able to promote this program and the amazing accomplishments - a lot of these kids probably won’t play sports in colleges but they’ve learned these lesions and they're gonna take this to whatever they do - in college or after college, in their business or in their family life."

- PCA Regional Director Rich Tomey

PCA-Arizona hosted an on-field celebration for the 2021 Triple-Impact Competitor® winners to tell the story of these incredible athletes. Jody Jackson, a reporter for Bally Sports Arizona, interviewed Regional Director Rich Tomey in the lead-up to the first pitch.

"You hate to see kids limit themselves in sports at a young age. My kids have played on teams where the coaches have been trained the PCA way and it’s made a huge difference. Let’s get to the Triple-Impact Competitor Scholarships. I know you probably want to thank a few people but I was able to talk to these young women and men and I was so impressed with what they had to say, not only about what college they're going to or what sport they played - but they had a great message about what sports have taught them," Jackson remarked.

"We’ve all played for coaches that were amazing - we can probably name the coaches that shaped our interest in the game, the love for the game. But we’ve also seen coaches and parents ruin the game. Really, that is our mission - to exemplify learning life lessons through sports because we all know that sports teach us how to overcome adversity and how to keep fighting, not give up - all the things that we use in the real world, in business, and in life. I think that’s why we see a number of kids quitting youth sports by the time they're 13 - a large number because of a bad parent situation or a horrible coaching situation or something. Our job is to teach coaches, parents, and athletes the real value that sports provide, and that’s really what we do," explained Tomey.

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