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14 Exceptional High School Student-Athletes Named As PCA Triple-Impact Competitor® Scholarship Finalists


Positive Coaching Alliance (PCA) is excited to announce that fourteen high school student-athletes from around New England have been selected as Finalists in its Triple-Impact Competitor® Scholarship Award program.  This scholarship program awards high school athletes who exemplify the positive contributions of a Triple-Impact Competitor, which includes making oneself better (personal mastery), making teammates better (leadership) and making the sport better (Honoring the game). From the more than 3,500 applications nationwide, these fourteen New Englanders were selected based on personal essays and recommendations from coaches, school administrators, and teammates, familiar with attested to how they embody the Triple-Impact Competitor principles.

We will celebrate the Finalists through a combination of events, awards, and by sharing their stories in the upcoming academic year. Read on for a brief profile of each of the fourteen exceptional young people, drawn from their applications and references.

Nixon Arriola, a senior at Boston International High School in Boston, Massachusetts, plays soccer and is known for his calm, positive demeanor. Originally from Honduras, Nixon has earned the respect of those around him.

A consistent, dedicated hard worker Nixon “motivates others by his own hard work” and is a leader on and off the field. Positive and encouraging with teammates, Nixon sets a tone for his team that is “joyful and respectful.” Nixon gives back by serving as a youth soccer referee. Nixon’s positive leadership as a junior captain combined with his dedicated work ethic makes PCA proud to recognize him as a Triple-Impact Competitor.

Colby Augusta, a senior at Abington High School, Abington, Massachusetts, plays football, basketball, and baseball and is a leader who supports his teammates and “exudes great sportsmanship.” Colby helps his teammates “be their best” during games, practices, and off-season pickup games and workouts.

Colby gives back by coaching, mentoring, and officiating youth flag football, basketball, and baseball. His commitment to positive pre-game traditions, his enthusiasm, and his genuine respect for opponents and officials make Colby a true Triple-Impact Competitor.

Sofia Castano, a senior at The Wheeler School, Providence RI, plays soccer and understands the value of positivity, teamwork, and family. Known as a dedicated athlete and a “reliable, hard worker,” Sofia has a positive attitude and cares about effort more than results.

The oldest of five siblings, Sofia is a natural leader as an athlete, as a youth soccer volunteer, and as an official. Sofia values sharing, teamwork, tolerance, sportsmanship and respect, and PCA proudly recognizes Sofia as a Triple-Impact Competitor.

Rafael Cruz, a senior at Boston Latin Academy, Boston, MA, plays football and competes in track and field.

Having learned both sports as a teenager, Rafael now mentors teammates new to those sports. Rafael is recognized for inspiring his teammates and making others feel valued. To create team unity, he leads positive team chants and warmups and consistently respects the officials who make meets and games possible. Rafael exemplifies a PCA Triple-Impact Competitor.

Alexis DeLucia, a senior at Montville High School, Oakdale, CT, plays lacrosse and soccer, and competes in track and field. Alexis is committed to becoming better every day, as demonstrated by her remarkable work rate.

As a lacrosse captain, she leads her teammates with encouragement and by modeling teamwork and sportsmanship. Credited by coaches for exemplifying how to “play united” rather than as an individual, Alexis “continuously betters the sport.” PCA is proud to recognize Alexis as a Triple-Impact Competitor.

Liam Devlin, a senior at Foxborough High School, Foxborough, MA, plays basketball and golf, and competes in track and field.

Liam is a hardworking team player committed to achieving team goals. His leadership and positive attitude are contagious. Liam supports and encourages his teammates, and understands that every role on the team is important. Liam conducts himself “with class and sportsmanship at all times.” Liam gives back by coaching youth camps and leagues and inspiring other kids to fall in love with the game of basketball. PCA proudly honors Liam as a Triple-Impact Competitor.

Sydney DiLiddo, a senior at Attleboro High School, Attleboro, MA, plays basketball, field hockey, and lacrosse.

Sydney understands the power of a positive mindset. Every day, she strives to improve herself and her teammates with her passion for sports and her commitment to teamwork. Sydney “leads with confidence, kindness, and a smile” supporting teammates on and off the field. Sydney “values her teammates for who they are not what they do” making PCA proud to recognize her as a Triple-Impact Competitor.

Yara Fawaz, a senior at Foxborough High School, Foxborough, MA, plays soccer and basketball, and competes in track.

Yara is appreciated as a passionate competitor, hard worker, and friend to her teammates. Yara strives to be the best she can be, and “her leadership positively influences the rest of the team.” As an athlete, student, and teammate, Yara shines because of her commitment to excellence, her integrity, and the respect she shows teammates, coaches, officials and competitors. Yara exemplifies the qualities of a PCA Triple-Impact Competitor.

Evangelos Glicos, a senior at Windham High School, Windham, ME, plays golf and soccer.

A true competitor, Evangelos is not only successful individually he “brings out the best in his teammates.” Evangelos manages to fit in two fall sports and excel at both. A leader and a “go-getter,” Evangelos truly cares about the success of the team above his own accomplishments. Known for his fairness and sportsmanship, Evangelos will help an opposing player up or thank an official for making the right call even when it is against him. PCA proudly recognizes Evangelos as a Triple-Impact Competitor.

Julia Ortiz, a senior at Stoughton High School, Stoughton, MA, is a cross country, indoor track, and track and field athlete, who got involved in sports as a high school athlete.

Julia’s athletic career blossomed while competing as a member of the cross country team and then indoor and outdoor track, where through the past three years she has seen incredible improvement. Julia’s constant enthusiasm, and slogan of “fit, fierce and fabulous!” lifts and inspires her teammates. Always willing to lend a hand, Julia is described as “the heart and soul of her team.” Julia is a terrific example of a PCA Triple-Impact Competitor.

Faith Roy, a senior at King Philip Regional High School, Norfolk, MA, plays basketball and is seen as the epitome of a great athlete, student, and person.

Her many hours of practice combined with her can-do attitude has been a positive influence for her teammates. Faith has faced personal challenges, but has kept her head in the game and plays with honor and a clear sense of team. She is “unwavering in her commitment to getting better,” and keeps her cool and supports her teammates in times of pressure. PCA is proud to recognize her as a Triple-Impact Competitor.

Tianna Sardelli, a senior at Chariho Regional High School, in Hope Valley, RI is a soccer, indoor track and field, and outdoor track and field athlete.

Tia is a leader who motivates her teammates and helps build team cohesion. She always puts in her best effort, and makes those around her better. In addition to competing in sports, Tia is a dancer in local theater productions, and bridges the gap between the drama students and student-athletes. Tia has earned the respect of her peers and coaches with her sportsmanship and positivity. Tia exemplifies a PCA Triple-Impact Competitor.

Hannah Trahant, a senior at Lynn English High School, in Lynn, MA, is a cheerleading, swimming and diving, and outdoor track and field athlete who approaches her sports with “enthusiasm, dedication, integrity, and maturity.”

An honor roll student, Hannah often “mentors younger teammates with patience and grace” and knows that the success of the team is what is most important. Her commitment to the team shows through every day making PCA proud to recognize her as a Triple-Impact Competitor.

Alina Tran, a senior at West Springfield High School, in West Springfield, MA, plays volleyball and competes in track and field.

Beloved by her teammates, Alina’s upbeat attitude can be seen in the way she constantly cheers on her teammates and smiles no matter the results of the day’s competition. Alina is a “kind leader who cares about each and every person she interacts with.” She gives 100% at each practice, always looking to improve, which in turn inspires and lifts her teammates. Alina also excels in the classroom which brings true meaning to the phrase student-athlete. PCA is proud to recognize her as a Triple-Impact Competitor.

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