Over the next Ten Days on our social channels we'll be celebrating the top Ten Ways, with the continued giving of our donors, we can positively impact the lives of young people regardless of their social or economic circumstances, by providing them with a positive youth sports experience.

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Coach Training

"We have worked with PCA for 23+ years and know the critical importance of their coach training coursework, and it is a prerequisite for entering our program as a coach because it helps give everyone a toolkit they can use to meet each child at their various levels. Imagine if PCA had the funds to provide youth in EVERY sport with a trained coach!”

- Kath Gillespie, President of the San Francisco Little League

At PCA we believe there is no better place than youth sports for young people to develop key social and emotional life skills and positive character traits. Yet, less than 1/3 of youth sports coaches have received any training in youth development. Through your support of Positive Coaching Alliance, you are increasing access to youth development trainings for coaches.

Athlete Training

"We are glad to partner with PCA to pilot Athletes with Courage. This program is truly driven by the student-athletes, centering their ideas and leadership in bullying prevention in their own schools applied in the context of sports."

- Sabrina Evans-Ellis, Executive Director, National School Climate Center at Ramapo

Sports participation is a golden opportunity to equip youth with tools that will help them succeed in their sport and beyond. But the research is clear that participation in sports doesn’t by itself provide benefits to youth; participation in sports done right conveys those benefits. Our main workshop for student athletes focuses on helping youth improve themselves, teammates and their sport as a whole. Additonal workshops focus on Honoring the Game, Character & Leadership, and how Sports can Battle racism. Your support will allow us to contiue to develop student athletes for years to come.

Parent Training

"It was a great reminder that it's about them and not us. That goes for each kid. In my opinion, the other kids playing don't get enough positive reinforcement from their parents."

We know that every parent hopes their child has a winning experience in sports, but that's the first goal in sports. We have invested in ensuring we provide all parents access to training and resources that focus on a second, more important goal: teaching life lessons through sports.


"I thought the Competing with Empathy workshop was outstanding! The topics covered are at the core of the mission of youth and interscholastic sports. I highly recommend it."

- Lefteris Banos

Helping coaches lead interactions with empathy lets them show student athletes that they matter, that we value them, and that we want to support them. An empathetic coach uses their strong connections to work with players on solutions and recognition of emotions, establishing group norms, so they know what to expect and what is expected of them. Your support of PCA can provide access to empathy training for coaches so that our kids have the best opportunity to thrive.

Coach Recruitment

"I feel we all have a responsibility to give back in some way and volunteering as a coach in the community is an easy way to give back, so it has an incredible amount of impact. You're out there really doing the work, you're really giving back so if in life you want a better humanity as a whole, this is a way you can give back that's very easy, it's a light lift."

- Shawn Granberry, PCA Youth Coach

At PCA we imagine a world where every young person benefits from a positive youth sports experience with a coach who inspires them to become the best version of themselves in the game and in life. To achieve this vision, we have made a commitment to work with organizations to not only train coaches, but also recruit coaches. Your support of PCA today can help us bring a positive coach and mentor into a young athlete's life.

Youth Sports Equity Coalitions

"The importance of breaking down barriers to address systemic challenges that our Black and Brown communities face has been misunderstood and lacked sufficient representation. Sports create an attitude of self-accountability and discipline that requires our youth to work in teams to reach the same accomplishment all while fighting for the same cause. Senator Padilla looks forward to continue to be able to represent this long overlooked and important aspect in youth development!"

- Jessie Schmitte, District Representative, Office of State Senator Steve Padilla, 18th District

PCA Youth Sports Equity Coalitions are comprised of local stakeholders dedicated to breaking down barriers to youth sports participation in their communities. Please support our Coalitions across the country and help us increase access to youth sports in our most marginalized and disinvested neighborhoods.

Racial Equity

"PCA created the Sports Equity Coalition (SEC) in Oakland, CA. Now, because of the collective work of the SEC, the Expanded Learning Office and Oakland Unified School District have an after-school and Saturday sports league that offers a wide array of sport options for youth to experience. More youth of color in Oakland will have access to a positive youth sport experience and all of the benefits that come with early sport exposure."

Please support our work towards systemic change in youth sports. Collectively, we are taking action to create more equitable access to a positive sports experience for all Black and Brown youth.

Gender Equity

“I heard the PCA Gender Equity Initiative Director speak about Title IX and gender equity opportunities at a California Parks and Recreation Society Conference. It was the best presentation I attended at the conference. They provided a wealth of information in a short period of time. It had such an impact that I asked them to present at one of our county site supervisor meetings to help spread the importance of the equitable message. I highly recommend this presentation for agencies to advocate for gender equity in recreation.”

- Parks and Recreation Agency Leader in Youth Sports

Through your support of PCA you are creating more equitable opportunities for all girls in sports and helping to ensure more women become coaches in their communities.

Mental Health

The Great Minds – Great Athletes program is a partnership between Positive Coaching Alliance and Miami-Dade County Public Schools, supported by the Miami Marlins. It was created to promote positive mental health and well-being, as well as a Development Zone® culture where coaches, parents, and leaders come together to develop “Better Athletes, Better People” through sports. Since its inception, the Great Minds – Great Athletes Program has impacted over 9,000 student-athletes through live and online PCA workshops taking place at 45 different Public Middle and High schools in Miami-Dade County.

Your continued support of PCA can help us address challenges, like mental health, facing youth sports athletes today. Partnerships and programs like Great Minds - Great Athletes is just one way we can help create better athletes, better people. Give today to help us continue that work.


"I support PCA because of my personal experiences — both as an athlete and now as a parent to children aspiring to become athletes — seeing how sports and
positive coaching can influence a child’s life."

- PCA Donor, Phil Sheng

All of our impact happens through our partnerships. One of the most important partnerships is with you, our donors who help us achieve our mission to change the culture of youth sports so that every child, regardless of social or economic circumstance, has access to a positive youth sports experience. Thank you for your support.

Supporting Positive Coaching Alliance with a gift today can be your positive impact. Thank you for your commitment to giving all young people the opportunity to have a positive youth sports experience!

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