Gregg LaBar

Managing Director, Dix & Eaton

Local Board Member, Cleveland

“Gregg joined the PCA-Cleveland Board in early 2019. His interest in youth sports stems from his children’s many positive experiences in high school sports in the Cleveland area. He believes the attitude and conduct of parents, coaches, administrators and fans have a direct effect on student-athletes’ immediate and lifelong self-esteem, sense of personal responsibility, commitment to teamwork and willingness to work hard.“ – Gregg LaBar

In his role as a Managing Director, Gregg is responsible for leading Dix & Eaton’s nationally recognized Investor Relations practice and Sustainability/CSR Communications specialty. Gregg’s work at Dix & Eaton focuses on high-impact client situations and specializes in corporate story-telling and linking messages and actions to strategy. Prior to joining Dix & Eaton more than 20 years ago, Gregg covered environment, health and safety issues in the trade media for 10 years, and before that, was a sports editor.