Aswand Cruickshank

Fitness Trainer + Miami Dolphins Foundation


Aswand Cruickshank started playing football at the age of seven, and the lessons that he has learned from his 15 years as a player, have played a major role in every decision that he has made as an adult. Unlike most football players, Aswand had the unique opportunity to play under coaches that had a tremendous amount of respect and influence, simply based on the fact that these men had no interest in leaving (for "better jobs"), he learned the importance of consistency when attempting to become an authoritative figure in a young persons life. After graduating from Stony Brook University, he became an independent scout for National Scouting Report, while also working as a sales consultant for several fitness brands.

He then proceeded to start his own scouting company named Gym44 Recruiting and spent two seasons as a volunteer High School football Coach for Blake High School in Silver Spring Maryland. Once the season ended, Aswand relocated to South Florida to work for the Miami Dolphins Foundation, and now has a mission to become one of the positive members of the community by using sports to teach young people all the life lessons that his coaches taught him.