Matthew Booth

Canterbury School (Florida), Strength & Conditioning

Tampa Bay, Trainers

For over 20 years, Coach Matt Booth has worked with teams and athletes at the high school level. Most recently, for the past 4 years, Coach Booth has served as the Director of Strength and Conditioning and Track and Field coach at Canterbury School in Fort Myers, FL.

Coach Booth is a former collegiate athlete at Wheaton College and competed in the high jump. He has also served as a personal strength and conditioning coach to numerous professional/collegiate athletes in the NFL, NBA, MLB, and MLS highlighted by two Super Bowl Champions and one National NCAA Football Champion. Coach Booth's mission is "to empower his student-athletes to own their stories so that they impact others, build intentional connections and discover the best versions of themselves." He currently resides in Fort Myers, FL with his wife, Melissa, and son, Ian.