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The Importance of Playing Referee

One way to teach players how to respect officials is to have them take on the role of an official or referee during practice. That gives them a better understanding of how tough it is to call the game, which will encourage them to have empathy and respect for officials. It also helps players to step back and watch the game from a different perspective, which will inform their own play and help them avoid fouling.

Watch this coach pass on this responsibility to his players to teach these valuable lessons. Notice how he stays tuned in to the decisions and advises on where to make improvements. By the end of the practice, this coach has helped his team, and especially this player, see officials in a different light.

This video features Kris Weems, Athletic Director of Menlo School in California. Prior to his current role at Menlo, Weems was an assistant coach and scout for the Golden State Warriors. He has also served as special assistant to the Associate Athletic Director at his alma mater, Stanford University.

Positive Coaching Alliance is proud to have worked with Liberty Mutual Insurance to create this video.