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General Board Meeting Sample Agenda

Name of League
Board Meeting Agenda
Month, Day, Year
Planned Starting and Ending Time

(If possible, keeps meetings under 2 hours)

1. Call to Order
Announce the formal beginning of the meeting. Once a president of the board of directors has been selected, the president will call the meeting to order.

2. Welcoming Remarks
Welcoming remarks are only necessary for the first board meeting or other meetings where special guests or new members are present. At this first meeting, introduce yourself, welcome the board members, and have the board members introduce themselves.

3. Additions to Agenda
Ask if any of the board members would like to make additions to the agenda. Include those additions under the new business section.

4. Approval of Agenda
Have a board member state his/her approval of the agenda for the meeting.

5. Approval of Minutes from Previous Meeting
Have one of the board members state his/her approval of the previous meeting’s minutes.

6. Appreciations and Triumphs
Appreciations and triumphs are an opportunity for board members to thank or recognize other board members or the board of directors as a whole. One board member may thank another board member for her help with registration or congratulate the board for raising $1000.00 in a fundraiser.

Appreciations and triumphs help to create a positive atmosphere in which board members feel valued. At the first meeting explain the use of appreciations and triumphs to the board members and thank all of them again for being there and joining the board.

7. Reports from Individual Board Positions
Have each board member, who has any new information, report on any completed tasks or issues that have occurred.

8. New Business
Under this item include any topics that the board must discuss or vote on. For the first meeting, you will want to include:

  • Review the league structure
  • Review and approve the by-laws
  • Create the league calendar
  • Schedule subsequent meetings

9. Assignments/OPUR
Discuss tasks that need to be completed before the next staff meeting and ensure an OPUR (one person ultimately responsible) is assigned so that everyone is clear on responsibilities.

10. Adjourn Meeting
Announce the formal end of the meeting.