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First Board Meeting Welcoming Remarks

As the president of a youth sports organization, you’re opening remarks to the board of directors is an important first impression. Use this time thoughtfully to convey meaningful information, and to kick off the start of your season on a good note.

I. Introduction
Say hello. Thank the members for attending. State your name and one or two sentences about your personal background.

II. Mission, Vision, and Culture
Explain the mission, vision, and culture for the league, including some history on why it was founded, etc. (if possible). Remind board members of the definition of the league in terms of the level of competitiveness (vs. recreational), and what your goals are for the coming season.

III. League Strengths and Accomplishments
Detail your perspective on league strengths/accomplishments, as well as areas of focus for the coming year. Thank the board members in advance for helping you to uphold the league’s culture and for their efforts as board members.

IV. Benefits
Remind board members of the benefits that they will gain by serving on the board of directors, such as meeting new people and sharpening skills. Quickly cover the expectations of the board members to attend meetings, complete assignments, work as a team, etc.

V. Summary/Closing
Briefly summarize the process that will occur between this meeting and the beginning of the league, including reviewing a mission statement, finding coaches, and planning fundraisers. Thank everyone again.