Getting Started

You've just started your partnership with PCA... what's next?

Before you start to plan your workshops, there are five steps that we recommend you take to build a solid foundation for your Positive Coaching initiative this year. If you take the time to do these things now, we guarantee you'll have a more successful year with PCA!
Step 1: Determine your partnership vision and goalsStep 2: Set expectationsStep 3: Designate a PCA CoordinatorStep 4: Get the word out!Step 5: Update your website

Determining Your Partnership Vision And Goals

Before planning your workshops and starting your partnership, it's important to think about what you, as an organization, want to accomplish through your partnership with PCA. During the Leadership Workshop, we discuss having a clearly stated (and well-publicized) mission statement. But beyond that, it's great to have a unified view of the outcomes you hope to see from partnering with PCA, such as increased parent volunteerism, a focus on coach education, or more leadership from your student-athletes.

Setting Expectations

Culture change is a process and it will not happen overnight!

We have developed a three-year culture shaping plan for what you can expect during the first few years of your partnership, which you can find in the first link below. Also, we have a list of success criteria for how you can measure your organization's progress throughout your partnership.You can find this information in the Partner Excellence tool below.

Designating A PCA Coordinator

The PCA Coordinator is a board member who guides the process of creating an organizational culture that promotes the kind of behavior and values that the league wants to see in its players, coaches, parents and fans. This person is critical to the success of your PCA partnership. A brief job description for this person is below.

Getting The Word Out

Let your community know that you're taking a proactive role in creating a healthy sports environment. See the tools below for ideas on how to get started.

Updating Your Website And Other Materials

Let visitors to your website know that "We Honor the Game Here!" A PCA page on your website sends a clear message that Honoring the Game is a priority at your organization. This page could include basic information, live workshop dates or online course log-in information, coaching and parent tips, and what steps your organization is taking to spread Positive Coaching.
Right click and save the logos below to download them for use on your website!