Molly Hellerman

Investor & Strategic Advisor

PCA Trainers

Molly Hellerman currently serves as an investor and strategic advisor. She spent 10+ years with Atlassian, an enterprise software company playing key roles as they scaled from 300 to 16k employees. In her role as the VP of Strategy, Operations, and Innovation, she drove strategic business decisions for Atlassian’s R&D team, working directly with the CTO and other company leaders to encourage, inspire, and operationalize innovative approaches across the organization. Prior to Atlassian, Molly’s experience shows that she isn’t afraid to flip a model on its head. From managing mergers and acquisitions to commoditizing steel and helping build an online metal market in the U.K. to co-founding a non-profit – her thread of disruption runs deep. She’s also a former collegiate and professional athlete and trainer for Positive Coaching Alliance.

Molly currently serves as a Fellow to both the United Nations (Alliance of Civilizations) and the British Council (Transatlantic Network 2020). She holds an MBA from Harvard Business School and a BA in Economics and Spanish from Wellesley College.