Michael Lopez

Partner, Prophet Consulting

National Leadership Council

Michael is a partner at Prophet Consulting and a life-long learner and coach. In his professional career, Michael works with some of the world’s largest companies to improve their culture, leaders, teams, and business performance. As a coach to senior leaders, Michael helps design and execute transformational programs tied to business strategy. He offers direct coaching support to senior and emerging leaders and helps organizations create new processes, structures and cultures that can realize inspiring new futures and possibilities. He brings a diverse leadership style forged from a blend of business, civil service, military and athletic experience. 

Outside of work, Michael remains a passionate, involved coach to young athletes. Michael is currently on the football coaching staff at Folsom High School, one of the country’s premier football programs. Prior to that, Michael spent five years coaching in the Folsom youth program, instructing young athletes on the foundations of sportsmanship, teamwork, discipline and, most importantly, having fun! Michael has spent time coaching in other youth programs across the country at various times. He believes deeply in the value of sports for developing positive character and habits as the foundation for a successful, purpose-driven life.

Michael is a former college athlete as well, having played quarterback at Occidental College from 1991-1995. He currently lives in Folsom with his fiancée and two children, a 14-year old quarterback / pitcher son and a 9-year old equestrian daughter.